Artist Business Management

Provide meaningful general business management services from like-minded individuals who understand the industry from years of relentless slogging in the trenches as artists:

  • Specialized artist accounting and income tax
  • Grant / business plan application writing and fulfillment
  • “Cradle to grave” merchandise management
  • Marketing and promotional strategies, etc.
  • Project management
  • Royalty & Publishing management/audit

Income Tax and Regulatory Reporting

Income tax reporting, compliance and planning*:

  • Start-up company tax planning
  • Income tax, including SR and ED claims, preparation and filing
  • Canadian and US income tax planning
  • Other regulatory requirements (ie. T4, GST/HST returns, Stats Canada, etc.)
  • Personal income tax

Small Business Management

Provide general business management services to support business objectives by:

  • Developing business strategies with principals
  • Preparing functional action plans to support the strategy
  • Managing the delivery of the strategic action plan
  • New product stage gate development management
  • Support administration services as needed


*services performed by Jeanne Krahn-Matthewson Chartered Professional Accountant